About HRU

Horse Rescue United (HRU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit New Jersey-based animal rescue that focuses on rescuing horses of all breeds, specializing in Standardbreds. When possible, through the help of foster homes, we are sometimes able to also assist other animals like dogs or cats.

Since 2010, HRU has helped over 80 horses and a handful of cats and dogs. Most horses saved are owner surrenders in danger of entering the slaughter pipeline. Many of the animals were neglected at some point and some were also physically abused.

While HRU strives to find lifelong homes for as many horses/animals as possible, some end up as permanent residents due to health issues or if the right home never comes along.

HRU welcomes visitors from the community to meet the horses by advance appointment, including local 4-H clubs and Boy/Girl Scout troops learning about horse care and rescue work, and those looking for on-the-ground, therapeutic interactions with horses (over/through paddock fencing only).

HRU relies solely on a small, dedicated group of unpaid volunteers who handle daily horse care, as well as fundraising, grant applications, adoption inquiries/approvals and other key roles.

Our goal is to rescue and rehabilitate/retrain horses/animals in need, promote connections between the horses/animals and community members, and place our animals in loving, committed forever homes whenever possible.

HRU is dedicated to providing the best care for the horses/animals who remain with us, whether for a brief period or the rest of their lives.

If you adopt, your adoption will change your horse or animal's life, and make room for another to be saved and rehabilitated. If you can't adopt, consider becoming a sponsor or volunteer.